Choose Young Hearing

5 Reasons why

Reason 1: Hearing health is important

Having good hearing helps us live healthy, productive and fulfilling lives. Decline in hearing reduces our sense of wellbeing so it is wise to get our hearing tested and take steps to maximise and improve our ability to hear and listen. Untreated hearing loss has been linked to a number of adverse health problems such as dementia, depression, accidental falls, diabetes, heart problems and other health concerns. Prevent the spiral downfall by booking a hearing check today.

Reason 2: You will see an Audiologist

There are no national regulations about who can sell you hearing aids, so you need to check out the professional qualifications of the person you choose. At Young Hearing, you will always be seen by Cindy Young, a full MNZAS Audiologist. Cindy chose to become an audiologist to provide a health service to people who required assistance for their hearing health. She has a Bachelor degree in Science and a Master degree in Audiology, plus a Doctoral degree in Audiology. She maintains her New Zealand Audiological Society annual practicing certificate by regularly attending conferences, workshops and courses.

Reason 3: Independent practice

Young Hearing is fully independent. It is not owned by any Hearing Aid manufacturer, nor does it have a preferred supplier scheme associated with chain clinics. Cindy has access to a wide range of brands and models for hearing aids and other assistive listening devices, that she knows are proven to be reliable and performing well for their value and suit a client's personal needs and preferences. She provides financially unbiased recommendations and informations.

Reason 4: Consistent and personal

You will always see the same clinician. Cindy will be your first and only contact. She will get to know you as a whole person. You will not be just a number on a conveyor belt, or get passed around from one clinician to another. At Young Hearing, Cindy will go the extra mile to make sure you are well looked after.

Reason 5: Less is more

Young Hearing is a boutique clinic. Cindy's goal is to maintain an appropriate clinic load to ensure a quality service. A smaller business means fewer business expenses. She is able to pass this saving onto you - meaning that your hearing aids will not cost as much as it might elsewhere. Cindy will advise you on the level of hearing aids based on your needs; high-end hearing aids may not be what you need - less is more in many cases. There are situations where hearing aids are actually not what is needed to address the hearing problems.