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Hearing Assessments

Audiology assessments, or hearing tests, normally consists of Pure Tone Audiometry, Immittance Audiometry and Speech Audiometry to give a full picture of how well you hear our world. Find out more HERE.

Young Hearing can provide hearing assessments for children over 5 years of age.

Hearing Aids and Hearing Aid Trial

After a full hearing assessment, one fitting appointment (60 minutes) and 2-3 follow-up appointments (30 minutes) are typically required to complete a 4-6 week trial. At Young Hearing the trial process is flexible and individually tailored to suit. Sometimes it can be hard to know from reading information what technology level is best suited. Some trial aids allow us to sample and gather realistic acoustics and listening situations information which further helps for the selection of the final devices.

Find out more about Hearing Aids.

Regular review and adjustments are recommended to keep your Hearing aids performing at optimal level and condition for you.

Hearing Review and Hearing Aid Adjustment

If you already have hearing aid/s, it is advised to have an annual check-up. Devices need cleaning and maintenance (including software updates) to keep your hearing aids performing at their optimal level to suit your listening needs.

Young Hearing Clinic | Hearing aid Repair Maintenance

Hearing Conservation

You can prevent hearing loss by reducing harmful exposure to loud and damaging noises from your surroundings. There are many simply devices you can use to reduce your exposure:

  • Non custom earplugs

  • Custom swim plugs, sleep plugs

  • Custom noise reduction plugs

  • Musician filtered earplugs

  • Earmuffs

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Young people can develop hearing loss