Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids as a Treatment

As an independent audiology clinic, Young Hearing is able to access a wide range of hearing aid brands and models. Choices are made according to functions and performance to suit individual requirements and personal preferences. Hearing aids are considered as a treatment option to hearing conditions that cause restrictions.

A Hearing Aid Trial is necessary process to make the right decision on which hearing aid model to choose for your communication needs. A typical hearing aid trial required 3-4 appointments, around 4-6 weeks to complete. During the trial you many choose to trial hearing aid of different brands or different technology level so you get an idea how they really perform for you before you make a decision. Sometimes people may choose to wait a little longer before purchasing the hearing aid(s). In these cases, the cost of the hearing aid(s) is refundable within the trial period.

Different style of In-the-Ear Hearing aids - Young Hearing

Hearing Aid Technology Levels

Hearing aids can be roughly divided into four levels, according to their technology and price range.

Premium range hearing aids have the latest version of technology.. They have the fastest processing speed, have multilevel and channels processing algorithms to give you the best sound quality possible in all listening situations, including quiet, group, noisy and even in windy environments.

Advanced range hearing aids are good choice if you would like your hearing aids to perform well in challenging listening environments such as noisy or multi-speaker situations. This range of hearing aids is suitable for active individuals whose listening environment varies on a daily basis.

Standard hearing aids now perform far better than just a few years ago; quieter home and small group situations are no problem for them to handle. Even larger group situations are not beyond their ability to filter out and enhance important speech around you. They may need more fine-tuning.

Essential hearing aids provide the benefit of amplification needed in simpler listening environments. They have sufficient power to help individuals with a more sedate lifestyle to hear basic daily conversations and what is happening around them.

Assorted Behind-the-ear hearing aids - Young Hearing

Care and Maintenance

Hearing aids are electronic devices therefore have a limited lifespan - they generally last 5-6 years. They require care and maintenance to keep them performing at an optimal level. Moisture and wax damage are the main causes of breakdown for hearing aids. Today water resistance has become a standard for the majority of hearing aids, therefore the chances of breakdown have been reduced. With the recent introduction of rechargeable batteries, the longevity and reliability of hearing aids has been further increased.

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Updates on Latest Hearing Aid Models